The Best Web Hosting Packages


Looking for some decent web hosting packages for your site(s)? So was I just under a year ago. I managed to find a really awesome hosting company that offered several hosting packages to choose from. I read some good reviews about them online, so decided to try them out for myself.

My Results

I opted for the basic package to start off with to try them out. I am really glad I did. I found that their uptime was excellent, the site loading speeds were great too. Previously my site had been running a lot slower on the original hosting provider I was with, but as soon as I switched to these guys I noticed a definite difference in my site loading times. And as a result I noticed my bounce rates of visitors to my site was much lower. People were staying longer and I even had a slight increase in leads which I really liked.

After a few months I decided to move the rest of my sites from my previous host to this one. I was satisfied that they were offering a great service and were even slightly cheaper than my other host too. I had to upgrade the plan from the basic package to the next one up to accommodate my extra domains, but this was easily done. I just opened a ticket and they dealt with my query within an hour! Now that’s what I call customer service.

You can see their official website by clicking here to see their full range of packages